Dental implants were a complicated and lengthy process. But the professionalism and positive attitude of the doctors at Bayside Dental made the process easy to handle and understand. Quality of the customer services and treatment is excellent! Highly recommended!

Alexey Anokhin 06/03/2017

Zena was professional & kind. Treatment was tricky but Zena made me feel very comfortable and I’m not normally a fan of dentists

Pip Novell 07/03/17

Zena, thank you so much for your gentle approach with Olivia. She has a real fear of medical professionals and you made her experience with you so comfortable. I realise you would treat all your patients with the same care, however when you have a child who has fears like she does it takes people like you to help them overcome their fears. Thank you again.

Lisa Bain 10/03/2017

Fantastic! Hayley is the best hygienist ever! Thanks so much!

Sharon 21/03/2017

Thank you Zena & Hayley for such a great service. I love coming here, you’re quick efficient & easy to approach. Keep it up 🙂

Sepi 03/05/2017

Thanks a lot Zena. It was really nicely done and even though I am not a very “patient” patient I like the way you treated me. I will definitely give your contact to my friends and come back on a regular basis to have a wonderful smile (thanks to you!) Cheers.

Patricia 15/05/2017

Zena is the best dentist I’ve been to during my life…very knowledgeable, friendly, has the softest touch. We love you Zena. The team at Bayside Dental are very friendly and lovely to deal with xxx 🙂

Zainab Jabawi 24/07/2017

My family and I have discovered Hayley and we are thrilled! She is professional and skilled and kind. Perfect. We see her regularly and we are all better for it. Thank you Hayley.

Sue Macklin 07/08/2017

My family and I have been seeing Zena for years. She is the best dentist we have ever had. She is the only dentist I have seen who noticed a condition that I have. We all really really like her. Don’t ever close Zena 🙂

Sue Macklin 07/08/2017

Thank you Zena & Hayley & Vicky. Very pleased with treatment dental & professionally. Also very kind – hanging up my coat makes me feel special. Very nice xxx

Arielle 08/08/2017

Hello Zena and team, great news, my crown is perfect and I have absolutely no pain, not even when I eat with it. This was a lot easier than I thought! Thanks so much, Jenita

Jenita 12/10/2017

Hi, my son Lewis had an examination with Zena. She identified an issue with Lewis that needed to be referred to a surgeon. We had an appointment and the surgeon really praised whoever identified this and what a great job they did. Can you please say thanks for a really great job. Lewis and I can’t say thanks enough.

Neil Fisher 30/10/2017

Thank you for such a friendly service. Zena, you are so skilled at your work and instill confidence and caring in your approach. Wonderful dental nurses: Lauren and Vicky also. Merry Xmas x Maureen R

Maureen 19/12/2017

I’m so happy with them! The whole team of you guys were amazing through the long process. I’m so grateful.

Ashley Smith 02/03/2018

Hayley and Zena are both so awesome in their fields!

Aaron 04/04/2018

Dear Bayside Team: I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me over the past few days. You are an awesome team from the front desk to the Dentist, my experience was magical.  From the moment I reached out to you, when I had pain in my mouth you were able to see me immediately which is unheard of.  Then you were very generous and warm in your kind navigation of the costs and treatments.  You will now be my permanent Dentists, so much so that I have asked my wife to move from a well known North Shore Denist to yourselves. Thank you again and a special call out to Dr Ernie who explained everything and sorted out my teeth as a true and warm professional. Thank you Dr Ernie and team!!

Gavin Tipping 01/03/2019

I have only been twice and each time was an “emergency” tooth extraction. I returned after my free dental treatment because I was so happy with the whole treatment I received at that time. It’s very rare to find such kind, caring practitioners and the gentle care I received definitely brought me back, put me at ease and will bring both me and my family back again as well as encourage me to recommend you to others! It’s a big thank you and thumbs up from me 🙂

Paula Herbst 13/06/2019

I am a very nervous patient and at first could not let any treatment happen without having sedation.
Not now i have recently had a 2hr treatment and this is all down to the amazing staff who make me feel relaxed and in control at all times.
I now have a great smile thankyou 😁.

Lynn Yeamen 14/06/2019

Dad attended Dr Zena on two occasions.  Dad at age 96 was treated with respect and care.  I have no hesitation recommending Dr Zena

Mr Brett 10/05/2019

I choose Bayside Dental Centre to oversee my Invisalign treatment because of their fantastic team, space and pricing.

Zena made me feel super comfortable from the minute I walked in with friendly smiles and great professionalism. Zena is super efficient but takes her time where it matters.

Doctors and dentists can often feel very clinical and cold, but Bayside Dental Centre is a warm, clean, modern and light-filled practice! I really like it’s a relatively small practice… you get a more personal touch and don’t feel like you’re being churned through a production line.

I was amazed at Bayside’s competitive pricing… I saw 2 other dentists for Invisalign and Bayside was much more affordable. Invisalign would have fairly standard pricing across the board regardless of the dentist, so I really appreciate Bayside for not adding ridiculous markups just because they can. I also receive complimentary whitening upon completion of my treatment! Such a nice surprise.

Having had braces twice, Invisalign was such a welcome experience in comparison… virtually invisible, way more comfortable in the mouth, can come out for eating (half my meal would get stuck in my braces before), removable for special occasions and half as many visits to dentist compared to braces. While there was still some pain, it was no where near the pain experienced with braces (‘over’ tightened for greatest impact at 6 weekly checkups) as the movement of teeth is more gradual with bi-weekly tray changes that you change yourself – no dentist visit needed!

I’ll be going to Bayside Dental Centre for all my dental needs from now on!

Victoria Wood 07/06/2019

Thank you Zena & girls for persevering with me and my issues. Every visit is a real pleasure.My confidence grows and now i am satisfied with result of great dentures. You girls are so helpful and cheerful. Cheers, Suzy.

Suzy 14/08/2019