Orthodontic Appliances

Science shows that using plates at an early stage while the baby teeth are still there, can prevent needing more involved orthodontic treatment such as jaw surgery in the future.

A functional appliance is a type of brace to correct bite problems where the top teeth bite in front of the lower teeth. Functional appliances may be either fixed or removable. Speech and swallowing may be difficult at first but after a few days the appliance will become more comfortable.

Other appliances help create additional space for permanent teeth to erupt by expanding the arches. It stimulates growth of the lower jaw which will better align the upper and lower teeth.

Tongue thrusting is one of the most commonly seen oral habits. Around 4 pounds of pressure are exerted with each swallow and the average human swallows about 1,200 to 2,000 times every 24 hours. When the tongue presses against the teeth frequently it can push the teeth out of alignment. This necessitates the use of orthodontic appliances. If the tongue thrust is not corrected, the child can push his teeth out of alignment again, even after they are corrected with braces.